Thank you, Steve

6. října 2011 v 20:10 | Meisil
I am a big fan of Apple, especially of IPod. I got my first IPod when I was eight or nine, my father brought it from German. It had black 'n white display and I was really very happy when I opened the pickle and there was something much better than mp3 player, which I wanted. I became a big fun of apple in a moment.

Three years later, I passed an exam and went on high school (from fifth class of primary school, our high schools are for eight years) and I got a very special gift. In a black pack with lovely design was lying IPod Touch, something, what was new and I thought it can not be ever overcome. In half a year, many of my friends bought IPod Touch and everyone, who did this, fell in love with IPod.
Nowadays, I have my third IPod. My IPod Touch spent a few minutes I rain and can't play songs. But you can surf on the internet, if it is connected with charger. My first IPod, green one with small display, still plays songs and works well. Of course, the battery stamina is not good after years, but that's understandable.
Thank you, Steve Jobs!
(fifteen year-old girl from Czech Republic)
PS: I'm very sorry for mistakes in this article
Psáno v angličtině, protože česky si to může přečíst asi tak deset milionů lidí, kdežto anglicky... tam alespoň miniaturní naděje, že se to dostane někomu, kdo tomu bude rozumět a ocení mou snahu, existuje...

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Scarlett Flame [Tazi] | E-mail | Web | 7. října 2011 v 17:52 | Reagovat

So I envy you a little, my mom found work in a lot of things, iPod, HTC phone, lots of MP3 and all, but my Ipod does not want to leave. Sad .. :D

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